Monday, January 19, 2009

Get this Look ECO-Style

This week on ECO-Style I was hoping to go for colour (!) but, I found this image and fell in love with it. Yes, it kind of looks like spring, but it conjures up cozy afternoons with your favourite book, one of my favourite past-times during cold winter days. I love the personal look of this space, every object looks like it has a story. Because the objects listed here are personal vintage finds, I could not reproduce it exactly, but here are some eco-suggestions to help you get something similar. Enjoy.

Add colour to your all-white scheme with a vintage or handmade quilt; this one is from Purl Soho

This responsibly manufactured feather stuffed Montauk Sofa just invites you to sink into it, and the company plants trees every year to offset its carbon emissions during production.

I couldn't find a vintage mirror exactly like the one above. Here are two equally stylish options: an antique, such as this large Louis XVI from Antiquaire Online; or, as I have done myself, visit salvage shops and purchase a large, old window, then have it fitted with mirrored glass.

This pedestal table is from Ikea. Find out why shopping at Ikea is a good eco option here: The Ikea Way

These bookcase options are not exactly like the one above, however they all have eco benefits. To find a white, reclaimed one, you may just have to search in your area, or do a shabby chic makeover on one you already have. The ones here are from Knack Studios, Ikea and Antiquaire Online

An example of a reclaimed chest to use as a coffee table. Wood would look just as good as the white one above.

These glasses are from Viva Terra and are made from recylced liquor bottles (think Skyy Vodka).

p.s. Don't forget - if you'd like this treatment applied to your own home, or, if you just don't know what you want to do with your space, send me a photo! (Just click on the 'contact me' link and attach the photos.) I'll make some recommendations and post it on this blog. Everyone needs a little green!
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  1. Sometimes I like the clean simple look of a monochromatic room like this one ....... it kinda cleanses the palette ..... thanks so much for including some "knackage"!!

  2. No problem - you make it easy by having such great stuff!

  3. I love all your suggestions....I've been doing this kind of thing for years, but I never really thought about it as "going green". Of course that concept didn't exist back then. All I was trying to do was save money, be creative, and use stuff that was in the family and not wanted or needed anymore! It's fun for me to see a new twist on old ideas. I wish my mom could see your blog. She would have loved it.....she was the original "creative homemaker"!!!



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