Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Get the look - ECO Style

photo: Marie Claire

This room is quintessentially eco - the white walls, bare floors and simple, unadorned style. I like this look for a bedroom - it's very calming. I would add, however, a small, rustic bedside table and lamp. This is my first 'Get the Look' post, but I hope they'll help everyone find that you can go eco without having to sacrifice real style.

Here's how you can get this look, eco-style:

Flokati Organic Lambswool Rug

Flokati Rugs

Rustic Reclaimed Pine Floor

Revival Flooring

Area Linens Natural Wool Blanket

Area Home

Yolo Colorhouse Non-Toxic Paint; See the Air Palette for colours similar to the above photo

Yolo Colorhouse

For an added touch, include this rustic side table, for a lamp, books, water, etc. I like this one from Toronto Urban Tree Salvage, who use reclaimed wood to fashion furniture and end tables such as this.

Urban Tree Salvage

Lastly, there are chairs out there similar to this Bertoia wire chair for cheaper, however, I recommend either a) saving for the real thing; b) finding one on ebay or craigslist; or c) my favorite, keep an eye out for one when you scout vintage stores. You have to be patient with this option, but when you finally find one you'll have a real sense of pride over your fantastic purchase.



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