Wednesday, September 7, 2011


The Pure Green blog is all grown up and has moved to it's brand new home on Pure Green Magazine's official site

Please come visit us at our snazzy new digs - remember to update all your feeds with our new rss feed, which can be found over here:

Thanks for all the support! Can't wait to hear what you think of our new home!


Monday, August 29, 2011

Reader Giveaway from Issue 6!

Happy Monday! Many of you have commented on the prints we ran in our new issue of Pure Green Magazine, illustrated by our very own Bess Callard. In fact, we loved them so much we are offering them for sale in our brand new Etsy shop - a fact we want to celebrate by offering one of our readers the chance to take one of these gorgeous prints home! But we thought we'd have a little fun and mix it up! To win one of these prints you will have to take our our pop-quiz on Issue 6. If you answer each question correctly you will be entered to win. CLICK HERE to enter and have fun!!

Note - Contest will close Friday, September 2. Giveaway is open to residents of North America only.
Thank you for participating!

Mod Pieces Giveaway! Win a pair of upcycled lamps

Happy Monday all! I'm so excited - we've such a treat for you all today! We have not one, but TWO amazing giveaways to offer today. It's going to be a good day...

To begin, I'm excited about this collaboration with myself, Nyla Free from Dabble Mag and Lia Fagan, upcycler extraordinaire of Mod Pieces, whose specialty is re-styling tired old lamps into modern, beautiful pieces! Today you have a chance to win a pair, yes, A PAIR of lamps from her new Bahama Collection.
Watch the video below to view the entire collection:


What You'll Win:
We will pick one winner from each of our three blogs. The grand prize winner will win a free pair of lamps from the Bahama Collection and the two runner-ups will each win a 50% off coupon to use towards any listing in the Mod Pieces online store!

How to enter...
All you have to do is fill out this online entry form telling us which pair you want & why! Make it interesting! Bonus points will be awarded for humour & compelling stories!

Rules & conditions...You can enter multiple times, but we'll only accept one entry per person, per pair of lamps. You must reside within the coninental USA or Canada. Please note that the Charlie Twins (as seen in the video) have already sold.
Entries will be accepted up until midnight (EST) on Friday, September 2nd & the winners will be announced on Tuesday, September 6th.

Good luck!

Swing by later today for our second amazing reader giveaway!!

Great DIY from the Repurposed Library

If you haven't seen the newest issue of Pure Green Magazine, definitely take a peek! You'll love the Eco Read feature this issue on page 126-7, featuring Lisa Occhipinti's wonderful book The Repurposed Library. The book makes use of books destined for landfill - you know the ones: old text books, outdated cookbooks, primers, etc. - by re-imagining them in all sorts of wonderful ways. 

We have an extra treat for you! Lisa was kind enough to provide a DIY tutorial for you of her sewing box project - its adorable and I guarantee you'll love it - Click here to DOWNLOAD. But before you do, this little video expresses beautifully what The Repurposed Library is all about. Enjoy!


For more about Lisa and her book visit Issue 6 of Pure Green Magazine!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Issue 6 is Here!!

As I type this I am concluding a 4 day marathon sitting at my desk, going over every detail - along with my wonderful team Michelle, Anile, Bess, Erin and Erica - in preparation for the moment when you flip the cover and dive in to our brand new issue! This issue is a benchmark for us in so many ways - we are celebrating our one year anniversary, we are launching in print, yes, IN PRINT, and we've launched a new website, which I hope you are enjoying at this very moment. My heart is a-flutter - tell us what you think. I certainly hope it makes for an enjoyable hour or two taking it all in.

I'd like to point out that subscriptions will be available very soon - I hope you are as excited as we are! In the meantime, reserve your subscription by signing up (select purchase and you will be prompted for your email) and we will let you know the second subscription services are available.
Explore our new site - be sure to check our recipe downloads! We'll be updating the site over the next few days as we build up our archive - we appreciate your patience.
Thank you for reading!! You are what makes this so special.

PS - we are going to be moving the Pure Green blog to our BRAND NEW WEBSITE!! Check it out here:

Friday, August 19, 2011

Sneak Peek Series: Issue 6

Meet Rusty - he's my doggy and the Pure Green Mag mascot!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sneak Peek Series: Issue 6

Day two of sneak peeks! This is one of my favourite shots from the new issue! Only 5 days left!

Image copyright of Pure Green Magazine, 2011; photo credit: Erin Monett

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sneak Peek Series: Issue 6

As many of you know, we are fast approaching the release of Pure Green Magazine's Issue No6. We are all very, very excited as the launch of this issue will officially mark 1 year for Pure Green Mag. To celebrate, we have a surprise which you are going to LOVE!!! I have to admit, while I can't wait to get everyone's reaction, I'm kind of enjoying the suspense! As a fun lead up to the launch of our new issue, we're releasing ONE sneak peek per day - I hope you enjoy, and above all, I hope your curiosity is piqued!!!


Image copyright of Pure Green Magazine, 2011; photo credit: Erin Monett

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Style: Toms Fall Collection

Love the Fall collection from Toms shoes. Lots of new styles including booties!! I've been lusting after a pair for years and finally got a pair on my recent trip to Montreal, with Erin and Michelle to help me pick them out. I almost walked out with two pairs, flats and wedges! The wedges are still on my list and after previewing their fall collection I'm sold on the Metallic Tweed. Of course Toms One for One program ensures that you are ethically stylish. Perfect!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Style: Sprout A Revolution

I happened upon this product by chance, and while I haven't tried it [yet] I was instantly charmed by Sprout A Revolution's business ethics, branding and packaging! The glass bottles and cork stopper convey to me a sense of nostalgia - an ode to a simpler time, before plastics - and they would be wonderful to keep and reuse as a flower vase too! The product would look lovely sitting on the edge of the bathroom sink or shelf too. Sprout is very outspoken about their dedication to natural, organic, non-toxic and fair-trade ingredients - their manifesto is worth a read - it's heartfelt and genuine. Click here for a really cute diagram outlining why they chose this particular packaging and how it's green.


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