Tuesday, August 31, 2010

{vintages}: Haven Vintage

I came across a lovely vintage seller, Haven Vintage.  Their industrial style is just as I like it, and the images are styled just right. 

Monday, August 30, 2010

Enviroment furniture is without a doubt my favourite source for furniture, outside of my husband's of course, which not unlike these - both use reclaimed wood to create their peices and they share an urban rustic aesthetic that I just LOVE!  We're working on getting photos of them soon, so stay posted.  Until then I thought I would share new images from Environment - their moody, earthy feel really appealed to me. They have a new line of upholstered furniture now too! 

Thursday, August 26, 2010

{eco} design: off-grid

I came across this little outpost, completely off grid, and I fell in love with it.  Looking at it, I can imagine being there and feeling like nothing matters.  It looks so isolated and lonely, but also charming - like you are connected to something... else.

I have had so many amazing moments spent with a horse.  You should meet my mare... her name's Annie.  In fact, you will!  Soon.

So amazing..... 


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New!!! Shop Online!

Hello Everyone!  I have really exciting news!  Besides working busily away on issue 2 of Pure Green Living Magazine, I've also been working on creating an online shop for my business, an eco living and building store called Sustain.  I'm not quite done, but just about!  So, as such, I wanted to offer you, the people who kindly set aside part of each day and spend it with me, here on Pure Green, first dibs!  And, I'm offering 15% off to the first 10 visitors who see something they like! 
Eco living and design is truly my passion... Pure Green is where I share it... I expand on it in Pure Green Living, the Magazine, and Sustain is where I make it accessible!  I absolutely love what I do, and I want to share it with you.  I've created a little selection of some of my favourite items below... if you feel inspired, pop on by!  I'd love to hear what you think of the site and design, by the way... send me a note with your thoughts. 

Thank You for reading Pure Green and for helping to make it special!

Enter coupon code puregreen at checkout to get 15% off!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

{eco} style: mark tuckey

I wanted to share with you these images of Mark Tuckey's home, the celebrated Australian furniture designer.  Mark uses recycled/reclaimed material for his furniture, making it eco-fabulous to boot.  These images were photographed by one of my favourite photographers right now, Mikkel Vang.

The following photos are from Mark's site.

Love this.

Friday, August 20, 2010

{green} traveller: Ace Hotel, Palm Springs

I've been hanging onto this one for a little while!!  I couldn't wait to share it with you though, so here it is!!  It doesn't get much better than this folks, at least not when we are talking unbearable retro cool! Everything in the Palm Springs Ace Hotel is salvaged... the building, the furniture....

"When Seattle friends Alex Calderwood, Wade Weigel and Doug Herrick initially dreamed of opening a hotel, they had a very specific idea of what they wanted—and it didn’t fit with the standard hotel business plan. Their idea was to create a place their friends and acquaintances would want to stay—DJs, artists, magazine creators, graphic designers, musicians—the creative types who have been behind the evolving cultural renaissance of the Pacific Northwest of the last decade, and who aren’t, generally speaking, awash with cash.

The recipe involved taking an old building in an emerging location, a small budget requiring lateral thinking and some clever industrial salvage, a design aesthetic that mixes uncluttered comfort with a bohemian vibe, and the experience that comes from being a seasoned traveler and knowing what you do and don’t need when it comes to resting your weary head. They also wanted their hotel to be linked to the local culture, a living part of the community—like the experience of staying with friends who are plugged into the local scene."

 Indoor/Outdoor Communal Area

 Recycled Trailers serve a purpose as hotel outbuildings.

 The tented (using sustainable hemp fabric) walls are meant to give a boho chic camping feel.  The floors are concrete.

The diner is an old Denny's diner.  They ripped up the floor to discover a beautiful terazzo.  

I have been told by many that I need to visit Palm Springs.  Well, when I do, I'm so staying here!

P.S. - If you like what you see you'll get to see a little more in next month's issue of Pure Green Living Magazine!  Stay tuned.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

{eco} design: reclaimed in uruguay

I've been attracted to a different style entirely lately!!  Don't know what's up.  This post, and the last, featuring le recyclage in Bali, are similar in their eclectic style, so I apologize for posting two homes that are so simliar, but I couldn't resist.  That, and I've discovered this amazing swedish magazine featuring international homes. 

Lately I've been on a lookout for vintage peices - the next issue of Pure Green Living has a feature in it with vintage dishes so I've been on a the hunt.  Maybe this is why I'm so attracted to this home.  That, and I've been so overwhelmed with work lately, that I feel like my life could use a bit of whimsy.  This home, located in Uruguay, is a second home for a couple from Buenos Aires (definitely on my list of places to go).  The home is a mix of vintage furniture, with a heavy emphasis on preserving original details... which is of course one of my favourite ways to design green.


This home is literally a treasure trove of recycled materials.  The kitchen floor, backsplash, fireplace and even a mural in the entryway are all tiled with a mélange of recycled tiles.  Doesn't it look amazing?!  A lot of the furniture is reclaimed too.

A painted rug - I don't usually like this style, but in this home is works.  Kinda out of my comfort zone though!

Isn't this smart?  This tub is decorated with découpage!  All you need are some images, scissors and hodge-podge adhesive! 

Images via 25 Underbara Hem

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

{eco} vintages: Chakra Pennywhistle

I love, love, LOVE making new friends, and I'm so glad to have becom accquainted with Rikkianne (and Ursula) of  Chakra Pennywhistle.  They have quickly risen to the top of some of my favourite creators - from the second I saw their work!  I had the chance to work with them a bit during the creation of our premier issue of Pure Green Living and I so hope not to lose touch!  I've had a little crush on this pillow after I saw a custom listing in their Etsy shop - it is made with organic cotton, and the calendar patch on the side is from a vintage tea towel.  ChakraP. can customize it by either circling the date or embroidering a little heart on it!  Initially I thought it would be a unique, thoughtful gift for my hubby, for our one year anniversary (just passed, on the 9th of August), but then I realized, who am I kidding, this is really a gift FOR ME! 

I was soooo delighted, beyond compare, when a box turned up, and inside was the little pillow!  Jonathan waited till I was in bed before he said, 'oh, something came in the mail'.  The rascal!

Isn't it so beautiful?  I love that I will be reminded of how much I love Jonathan everytime I look at it.  I'm so busy these days that I'm really realizing how important it is to take a minute and just be grateful.  Life is good. 

Thank you ChakraP. for being so amazing!  I can't wait to work together again!

Please pay a visit!

Monday, August 16, 2010

{eco} DIY: Knotted Bracelet

Make this!  I found this wonderful (new to me) tutorial that I'm dying to try.  I thought you might like to try it as well - create the perfect late summer/early fall accessory, eco style!  Or, if you aren't the DIY type but would still like one, get one from What Knot.


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