Tuesday, August 10, 2010

{eco} style: summer woodland

I saw this dress, and absolutely could not resist creating an eco style post around it!  Everyday, or nearly, I take my dog Rusty for a walk after work (at the shop) in the woods.  We have a great trail to walk, and as I do so, I'm always struck by how wonderful I feel, and how beautiful it is.  It is so refreshing and energizing, especially after spending most of my day on the computer.  So this post kind of honours my love of the woods too.  Hope you like! 

Also, more news!  I was absent yesterday because, while I'm working madly on the next issue of PGL Magazine, I'm also launching a new online store and website for my business, Sustain!  It's all so exciting.  I will keep you posted, and I sincerely hope you'll pay me a visit when it's done!


1. Alexander Taylor for Thorsten van Elten
2. Aspen Dress at Mika Organic
3. Watercolour by GollyBard
4. Antler Hair Pins by Woodland Belle
5. Shoes by Beyond Skin

1 comment:

  1. I love that dress and the hairpins!

    I loved the first issue of Pure Green Living... it's fantastic!



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