Tuesday, August 3, 2010

{eco} vintages & style

I came across the most adorable company the other day, and immediately fell in love.  Like many things on the net, I wish they were closer!  Anyway, Missprint is a mother/daughter outfit from the UK.  Among the many things they do, they print eco wall paper, using non-toxic inks.  Their designs are graphic and mod, and are exactly the kind of think I can picture in my home!  I'm loving gray these days so I was drawn to the two samples you see here, but their website has much more to see, including some fantastic metallic prints!

Missprint also refurbishes vintage peices with their own special twist.

Finally, I if you're like me and are always on the lookout for a great lamp, you'll love these, which are hand silkscreened onto veggie dyed dupion silk or linen.

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