Tuesday, August 17, 2010

{eco} vintages: Chakra Pennywhistle

I love, love, LOVE making new friends, and I'm so glad to have becom accquainted with Rikkianne (and Ursula) of  Chakra Pennywhistle.  They have quickly risen to the top of some of my favourite creators - from the second I saw their work!  I had the chance to work with them a bit during the creation of our premier issue of Pure Green Living and I so hope not to lose touch!  I've had a little crush on this pillow after I saw a custom listing in their Etsy shop - it is made with organic cotton, and the calendar patch on the side is from a vintage tea towel.  ChakraP. can customize it by either circling the date or embroidering a little heart on it!  Initially I thought it would be a unique, thoughtful gift for my hubby, for our one year anniversary (just passed, on the 9th of August), but then I realized, who am I kidding, this is really a gift FOR ME! 

I was soooo delighted, beyond compare, when a box turned up, and inside was the little pillow!  Jonathan waited till I was in bed before he said, 'oh, something came in the mail'.  The rascal!

Isn't it so beautiful?  I love that I will be reminded of how much I love Jonathan everytime I look at it.  I'm so busy these days that I'm really realizing how important it is to take a minute and just be grateful.  Life is good. 

Thank you ChakraP. for being so amazing!  I can't wait to work together again!

Please pay a visit!


  1. thank you for sharing your beautiful photos of your Chakra P. pillow! it was a pleasure to create for you; every circle the date pillow that we make comes with a unique, happy story from our customers. thank you for allowing us to help with yours, and for the reminder to just be grateful. we will definitely stay in contact!

    r & u

  2. Celine - that is gorgeous! I am in love.
    P.S. Did you know my anniversary is the 8th of August?!? Only one day apart. Hope yours was wonderful.

  3. So pretty & thoughtful! I love Chakra Pennywhistle and Rikkianne! My husband carries one of her first-ever moneybag wallets, and it's perfecto!! Love her creative use of vintage materials.

  4. Hey Guys!!!

    R+U - Thank you so much again!! I absolutely love my pillow.

    Leigha - so strange how coincidences like that happen! Did you have a good one this year? How many years married are you?

    And Jan, lovely to see you here! Thanks for stopping by! ps.... my next purchase is defintely a money bag pillow - love them!!!



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