Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Issue 6 is Here!!

As I type this I am concluding a 4 day marathon sitting at my desk, going over every detail - along with my wonderful team Michelle, Anile, Bess, Erin and Erica - in preparation for the moment when you flip the cover and dive in to our brand new issue! This issue is a benchmark for us in so many ways - we are celebrating our one year anniversary, we are launching in print, yes, IN PRINT, and we've launched a new website, which I hope you are enjoying at this very moment. My heart is a-flutter - tell us what you think. I certainly hope it makes for an enjoyable hour or two taking it all in.

I'd like to point out that subscriptions will be available very soon - I hope you are as excited as we are! In the meantime, reserve your subscription by signing up (select purchase and you will be prompted for your email) and we will let you know the second subscription services are available.
Explore our new site - be sure to check our recipe downloads! We'll be updating the site over the next few days as we build up our archive - we appreciate your patience.
Thank you for reading!! You are what makes this so special.

PS - we are going to be moving the Pure Green blog to our BRAND NEW WEBSITE!! Check it out here: www.puregreenmag.com



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