Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bleu Nature

One of my favorites...from northern France...this company is the epitome of using found objects to create something beautiful. Created by Frank Lefebvre in 1995, Bleu Nature collects driftwood on the beach and uses them for all manner of things such as lamps, benches and storage units; no two pieces are alike. They've also recently included stone (also found and weathered), leather and metal. This look should fit right in with the bleached wood trend (a look that's forever a favourite with me, no matter the trends). As this is a European company, its a little hard to find right now, however, you can look for it soon in my new green design and build store (called Sustain., opening soon in April, '09). Here are a few of my favourite pieces:


  1. The driftwood is awesome. Clean, organic, rustic and modern. I love the masculine element it brings to a white room. Finally a company that can make sticks look great!

  2. I love those pieces of furniture!!! They say Me!

  3. these are great. we need to see more of this!



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