Monday, January 5, 2009

Send me Photos of your Home...

I mentioned earlier that as an interior decorator, I want to get myself out there. Well, as part of this new campaign, I am inviting readers with a passion for design and all things green to send me your photos. I am proposing that anyone with a room/rooms in their house looking for an eco-style edit send me a photo and I'll post it and recommend sustainable options, whether your looking for paint colours, flooring, fabric, furniture, whatever, I can help! I'll include where to get it, and if possible, high/low budget options. Lets make this happen guys! Don't forget that an eco-home doesn't have to be more expensive, and your home will be healthier. I firmly believe that loving your home is really important - loving something makes you happy! And why not be proud that it's not just good for you, it's good for the Earth, too?

p.s. - this will depend on demand. My goal is to provide one makeover per week.
p.p.s - please make sure that your photos are clear, with good light. Include a caption describing what you don't like or want to change, and what your style is. I don't want to recommend anything you don't like, after all!

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