Friday, January 9, 2009

Get the Look - ECO-Style

Here's another ECO-Style post: ...there's something about white and wood that I just can't get enough of! I love the rustic simplicity of this room - the focus is on food and company, not much else. I also love European design - they don't seem as afraid to just let rooms speak for themselves. Look below for great eco ways to get this look; that said, this room and style is doing a pretty good job of being eco already.

*Note: If the fantastic rustic beam ceiling is what you're after, find a company that uses old railway ties, dredges up old water logged timber or dismantles old barns to install a look-a-like.

photo: Living Etc.

Reclaimed barnboard flooring:

ECO-Splurge: The classic shape of the Wegner chair is hard to beat. I couldn't find an eco version, however, the original isn't bad, as its made of renewable materials. HOWEVER.....these a full set of the real thing is hard on the wallet. So, what I recommend is a little mix and match: invest in two originals (maybe you're lucky and you up the eco-ante by finding one in a second-hand store, or buy one new from Carl Hansen for $600), and then mix up the look with other, cheaper, second-hand finds.

This vintage Shaw Walker wood/aluminum chair is a cool idea. It would add some industrial chic to the look.

For an eco-chic table, there is no where better to look than Urban Hardwood. They make such beautiful stuff! I especially like the modern spin they put on rustic furniture: think steel and rough wood. Even better, they only use fallen trees within the city of Seattle to make their pieces. This table is similar to the one in the photo above:

For a neat eco wall treatment, try American Clay. This is a completely non-toxic wall treatment designed to look like clay walls. They have different products designed to produce different effects as well, such as plaster. This sample, called Snow Canyon of the Loma line, would give an old world effect to your room, and in a sparse room such as this would give the wall wonderful texture and added interest.

For green table accessories, check out Viva Terra. I like the stoneware listed below.

Recyled Metal Tree of Tealights

Stone Contour Dinnerware
p.s. Don't forget - if you'd like this treatment applied to your own home, or, if you just don't know what you want to do with your space, send me a photo! (Just click on the 'contact me' link and attach the photo. I'll make some recommendations and post it on this blog. Everyone needs a little green!


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