Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Clean Laundry

I came across this laundy detergent on Etsy and wanted to share. It inspired me to search for other great laundry room finds, and I was surprised by the diversity. I think the laundry room is an easy place to forgo our green intentions, but it is no less in important. (It's also hard to know exactly what's in your detergent!) Also, the laundry room is an easy place to skimp on style! So, here are a few neat green products you may want to consider, that are as pretty as they are functional:

Clean Rinse in 'Monkey Farts' (think fruity!) scent. 100% natural and biodegradable. Safe for He machines. See their etsy page for the full list of ingredients.

These rosemary and orange oil stain sticks are completely natural. See Growing Season Soaps for more info.

I love these products from ReFabulous; These wool dryer balls are made from wool unraveled from old sweaters, and can be used again and again! The dryer sachets are made from vintage fabric and are stuffed with dried lavender. Use them until they no longer smell, about 10-15 loads.

Make everything pretty by displaying your new green laundry accessories in these vintage apothecary jars. I found these on Ebay for $15 (for 2)!

Lastly, here are a few inspiration photos of a lovely laundry room. Its not doing a bad job of being green: high effeciency machines; recyclable glass tile; a composite counter-top from Ikea; the vintage mirror, among others.

photos: Design Inc.

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