Thursday, January 29, 2009

Twenty2 Wallpaper

I'm keepin' on with colour! Wallpaper has been enjoying a huge comeback ~ This time, though, without the nasty PVC and VOC's that make your home so unhealthy! Even better, now they're committment-phobe friendly, as new wallpapers are easier to put up and take off, so you don't have to live with it for 20 years!

(The photo that inspired this post. Get an eco-friendly sofa like this at CB2)

That said, new wallpaper companies are cropping up everywhere with decidedly fashion forward motives - from traditional damask, to mod geometrics, to grasscloth in virtually any colour. Twenty2 is just one of these, but they deserve a nod for their bold patterns. Why is it green? The company uses PVC free paper and grasscloth with water based inks, and is recyclable when its outlived your fancy. At $171/roll, however, its best reserved for accent walls.

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  1. I'm always looking forward to check your blog, I love it. I like the ideas that you present in it. I'm not a wallpaper person but....I might change my mind! Bravo ma belle, you're inspiring me and hopefully many others....

  2. Merci!!! Those are wonderful words of encouragement. All I can ask is that everyone who reads my blog has as much fun as I do with it.

  3. I LOVE wallpaper (but not putting it up!)I especially love the paper above that features the tulip type you think you are going to carry paper at your store?

  4. yes! Absolutely! Right now we are carrying Mod Green Pod, but I hope to include the grasscloth range from Twenty2 as well.



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