Friday, January 23, 2009

From my Portfolio - Converted Porch

These are photos of a converted front porch - it was extended and winterized to add to the home's existing living space. I love the large windows - they have a great view and help heat the room through passive solar heating. The room has a fresh, youthful energy that makes it a nice place to be. By adding tons of toss-cushions, the room's feel can easily be changed. This is one of my favourites - I apologize for the poor lighting, photography is not my strength. I'm planning to have a professional take some, so when I get those I'll post the updated photos. Hope everyone likes!

The flooring is FSC-Certified, and the soft-furnishings as well.
The table was my project: an old, thrift-store find was painted,
the top removed and replaced with reclaimed
lumber from an old, local barn.

The glass nesting tables are also a favourite vintage find.

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  1. love the table! So cool to transform things like that!:)

  2. Your pictures are beautiful, no need for a professional. The room is so warm and inviting! Well done.

  3. Your converted porch is beautiful. Love it!
    And I agree with need for professional photos.

  4. Hello from Switzerland ... wow ... the room looks fantastic - fresh & inviting!! Really excited to visit your new store on my next trip to Canada ... when does it open?

  5. Thank you everyone! This is my favourite project to date...Blake, is that you? The store opens in 2-3 weeks. Can barely believe it!



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