Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Designing Green - Concrete Kitchen

In keeping with my colourful theme this week, I chose this kitchen for designing green Wednesday. Concrete countertops are a no-fail eco standby; they always look fabulous, whatever the setting. They are fully recyclable, {and usually fully recycled}. They've been critiqued as 'cold', but I couldn't disagree more. The motled texture and subtle imperfections make it wonderfully personal and unique. I'm usually a fan of white and concrete, but I'm loving the shots of pink in this particular kitchen. It adds life and movement. It also read 'colourful' without being overwhelming. I also like the transition between wood and concrete flooring; people are usually afraid to do that, but done right, its well received.

photos: Living Etc.

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  1. I have been dreaming of concrete countertops for a while now!! I think they are fantastic!!

  2. i like this kitchen! who cares about the concrete, the pink is awesome!!! :)

  3. Those chairs are fabulous!!! loved the items you shared on this post!

  4. Concrete is definitely in my wish-book. I just couldn't help it; the pink just caught my eye. I'm glad you all like it.
    p.s. - I'm going to have concrete installments hopefully available through my store, Sustain!



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