Thursday, January 8, 2009

Squint - Bespoke Furniture

I first saw these a year ago or so and thought - 'whoa! where do I get those?' Maybe they wouldn't fit into every home, but... if you wanna start conversation.... this'll do it for ya! I love them! I finally found the maker of these fab Alice-in-Wonderland-esque sofas: Lisa Whatmough, a former sculptor and painter, founded Squint in 2005, in London. She originally created a piece to showcase her antique fabric collection (more recycled ingenuity - I love it!), but found that the combination of period peices and vibrant fabrics created a whole new world of whimsy, and voila! So, I've found these pieces are a little out of my budget (sorry guys), and although you could get one at Barney's, New York, (I couldn't find a price in U.S. dollars, but they retail in the U.K. for at least 3000 pounds, so....) I mostly included these as an inspiration piece for an eco-DIY!. If you're tired of making quilts with left-over fabric (even though I adore quilts), try this with that awful chair everyone has sitting in their basement. I hope everyone gets a little inspired!
p.s If these are a little too bright for ya, use shades of cream, or grey.

Love this take on a vintage classic!

photos from Squint; Check it out for more inspiration!


  1. Jen, when you read this, these are for you!

  2. My fiancee says that "if clowns could be furniture, these would be it! As with clowns, fun for some, scary for others!!!! (haha) At least its eco".

  3. I'm in love!! these are fantastic!! xoxo

  4. there are so amazing!!!!



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