Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Latest Vintage Find

I mentioned earlier that I like sifting through second-hand/antique stores for good finds. Well, I was in need of some chairs for my living room, and had been on the look-out for quite some time. My fiancée has a good eye and helped me finally find these, at a local antique store called 'Plug Nickel' for $45!!! I was thinking of recovering them, but after I cleaned them up I thought they looked good!


  1. oooooh ... I'm so jealous!! Great find!!

  2. thanks! I couldn't believe it either...

  3. I wish I had of scooped those! I picked up a few chairs a couple years ago, -at the time I was confident I could make something beautiful of them...They are sitting in the basement collecting dust and my husband wants them gone - if I send you a pic, can you give me an idea of how best to refurbish?

  4. Of course! I love refurbishing, its so satisfying. I have tons of fabric ideas, so send it over!



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