Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Design Green: Studio Junction

I REALLY like this home - designed/owned by husband and wife team Peter Tan and Christine Ho Ping Kong of own Toronto architecture firm Studio Junction - Its industrial and modern, but warm too. Plus, it shows wicked innovation. Why its green: the building is a repurposed, abandoned Toronto warehouse; Peter salvaged Douglas fir from the original tresses and repurposed it throughout the home; by purchasing commerical cast-offs and second-hand kitchen components (such as a stainless steel sink), they saved materials from landfills; also, the home is mostly constructed and finished with salvaged wood and concrete, two ecologically responsible materials. Added bonus: the home is budget savy. Enjoy!

Green Space: allowing greens to grow on/near your home adds to a healthy environment by removing more CO2 out of the air. Also, it insulates your home.

The concrete floors, abundant natural light and pale furniture keep the wood tones from overwhelming the space, and create good balance.

Natural light is key in a green home: it cuts down on energy usage by needing less artificial light, and, if you have good exposure, passive sunlight cuts down on heating needs. A good crosswind also keeps homes cooler in warmer climates.

I think the staircase storage is an ingenious solution in tight quarters.

Hang drying clothes is another eco-must.
all photos: Studio Junction


  1. I loved this space the first time I saw it, (so pleased you selected THIS home!)...It's bright, open, airy, features a roof top terrace and awesome space saving design (could it get any better?)now you've shown me it's greener side! I can honestly say, love it even more. Thanks for opening my eyes.

  2. Wow! Amazing home. Love the storage under the stairs....I've never seen that before.



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