Thursday, January 15, 2009

ECO-Living: Mix n' Match Napkins

One of my favourite eco-tips came from Gill Deacon's 'Green for Life', (see my list of favourite books in the sidebar), in which she outlines how to reduce washing cloth napkins by having a mixed set so that every person has their own. (GREAT idea for families.) I love this not only because it reduces the dreaded laundry, (not to mention pressing those impossibly wrinkled napkins), but it also lends a wonderfully eclectic, colourful feel to your dining room table. To achieve this, you can either purchase napkins individually, OR, you can add personality by making your own. (I always like this idea better because it brings a greater sense of pride and fun to your home.) I found this really cute napkin pattern from Purl (Molly's Handmade Napkins). You can purchase fat quarter sets from quilting companines such as Purl, Quilt Home or even eBay. These are nice and easy because they are usually colour coordinated, and you're reducing waste by using left-over fabric.

A set of fat-quarters from eBay.

A few pre-made napkins I like from Etsy if you'd rather not make your own.


  1. these are so great!! I'm going to head over to the etsy shop now!

  2. I'm glad you like them - if you can't find them, they are by 'Pretty in Purple' ( I forgot to mention that). Thanks again for mentioning Pure Green on your blog!



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