Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Eco-DIY - Birch Bark

There's something about birches that everyone (or at least I do) love; they are so naturally chic. Everytime I pass fallen birch branches on my dog walks in the woods, I'm always thinking what I can do with them. Usually I plunk them in glass vases, which always looks nice. However, here are a few different projects if you feel like being more crafty.

These birch tealight holders were made by a good friend. She simply took fallen birch and drilled out a piece large enough to hold a tealight. Voila!

Again, find a fallen birch branch, and bore out the center. Drop a small glass inside and you've got a gorgeous bud-vase.

{Oh, and then there are these from Viva Terra: not exactly natural, but no less chic. For the city gal who can't just 'pick up' some birch: }

Both are made with recycled aluminum.

Hurry! These vases are 50% off!

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  1. What a great idea! I wish we had Birch trees in our area in Calgary.
    Can't do much with Manitoba Maples. :o)

    Cindy H
    Bud Vases

  2. You can add some fab greenery to your home...like Jessica Helgerson (see my post about her below and you'll see what I mean).
    Did you see the Loyal Loot post? Maybe you could do that too with maple:)




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