Monday, January 26, 2009

ECO-Style: Mod Kitchen

This week I was determined to add colour to my ECO-Style post, so when I found this photo, I knew it was a must. I adore this cute space! It makes me think of milkshakes and twizzlers, and I really love green. In fact, the glass-fronted cabinets, stools, recessed drawer pulls and candy tones all remind me of a candy shop! The shots of red in the window frame, chairs and coffee maker are great too; I often use this colour combo (green and red are complimentary, which is why they are often seen together, as they create visual harmony and balance).

Apparently, the owners of this kitchen, architect Tim McNamarra and his wife Paige, use the letters for alphebetical organization (whoa! way beyond me!), but I think they contribute to the mod vibe of the room too. Read on to see which features of the room could be had in ECO-Style!

These cabinets are clearly custom, so why not request that they be made of wheatboard, a totally sustainable product made of waste material. This product is similar to particle board, but is formaldehyde free, and is hence safe to store your food and allows you to breathe easy. In terms of durability, it meets the strictest building codes and outperforms traditional particleboard. Even better, the cost is very reasonable, so its a great choice for budget kitchens. There are many manufacturers out there with different price-points, but I like Kirei*; check their website for distributors. If you're set on wood, make sure its FSC Certified, at least.

Now that you have eco-cabinets, you need equally safe paint to achieve that fab green. I believe kitchens are an important space to use safe materials, as you spend so much time there and its where you prepare you food. My first choice is AFM Safecoat*, considered leader in its class in terms of toxicity and performance. They have a ton of different products, but the trim and door enamel would be a good choice for high traffic areas such as kitchen cabinets.

For great hardware such as the sleek recessed drawer pulls above, try Rocky Mountain Hardware, a great company that uses recycled content and responsible manufacturing processes. Its biggest downside is $$, sadly.

For mod lighting, try Schoolhouse Electric Co.*, who use responsible manufacturing techniques; I like the 'Lowell' pendant.

How 'bout these for a cool retro take on barstools? These are vintage factory stools from Antiquaire Online. I really like.

For a great countertop option like the one pictured above, look into Icestone*, a really gorgeous green product made of recylced concrete and glass. It comes in many colours. See their website for distributors.
I could go on....there are just so many ways to be eco, but this should be a good start.
Note: all products marked with a * will be available through my eco-design store, Sustain, with online purchasing capabilities. Check back often for more updates. Also, don't forget, if you'd like a room in your house to get an Eco-Style treatment, send me photos and I'll post your room and my suggestions. Its free!

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  1. hey girl ...... these retro barstools are just the BEST!!

    You find such good things:) xo

  2. loved the post! :) my mom has some chemical intolerance, so this could be really useful in our next move…thnx!
    ok, i know this sounds totally random, but wud u give me permission to use that green paintbrush pic in an essay for a scholarship? thnx again for the post :)

  3. Oh my goodness - sorry for the delayed response, I can't keep track of comments on old posts very well. Feel free to use the photo, but I'm sure your essay has long since been submitted. Sorry!

  4. After all most outdoors would look bare without Retro Barstool.

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