Thursday, December 23, 2010

{eco} style: Last Minute Christmas Ideas

I know we're really getting to the wire here for Christmas decor.... but if you're like me, you are constantly tweaking and adding things until the very end when you're opening your stockings or having dinner.  I saw these really simple ideas from this beautiful European home, and I was really struck - sometimes less really is more.  Have a peek and you'll know what I mean.  Natural elements speak for themselves in such a classic and elegant manner.  It's inspring to me.  It also gave me ideas... re-pot some Amarylis for some instant, old-fashioned charm.  Here's another one, inspired by the soft and adorable wreath (pictured in photo #3, draped over the candlestick) - White pine usually has soft, flexible branches.  When I get home tonight I'm going to harvest a few long branches and using twist them into a wreath shape.  You'll probably need to layer a few branches in there so you mask the start and finish, but I'm excited to give it a try.  I've got some magnolia leaves and eucalyptus I can layer in for a little extra.  Secure the ends with floral wire and some pliers.

I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!  I hope you find the time to enjoy peace and relaxation with your loved ones, and have a weekend filled with joy.  Thank you for helping make Pure Green special....



  1. Merry Christmas, it is great in such a festival, a happy smile. It looks very good.

  2. Oh, I would kill to live there. Wow. Happy Holidays!

    Lela London - Fashion Blog and Shoe Blog

  3. Awesome dear! You have decorated it from the depth of your heart. It is looking so beautiful that I can not take off my eyes from it.
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  4. Stunning house shots of Xmas. My favourite is the chinese flower box sitting on the island in the kitchen.



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