Thursday, December 16, 2010

design: M.Elle Interiors

I've been trying to relieve my serious addiction to magazine's lately.... giving myself the 'do I really need this?' treatment, but the experience has been quite traumatizing.  I had a moment of weakness yesterday and stopped by my favourite shop, which has the best selection of International design mags!  I knew I had done myself in the second I saw the stacks.... I just can't help it.  I love the images, and they are one of my primary sources of inspiration and content here on Pure Green!  At any rate, I knew I was taking the latest issue of Elle Decor home when I spotted their cover featuring the stunning rustic mountain home by M.Elle Design.  You may have seen it around by now, but in case you haven't... take a peek.  It's wonderful.
Is it eco?  In it's entirety, perhaps not.  However, it does have some great eco elements... all my favourites in fact.  Rustic, reclaimed barnboard..... it's everywhere, and concrete.  The bathroom's boast beautiful concrete vanities.  Mmmgood!  If you wanted to acheive this look, but wanted to ramp up the eco, here are a few ideas:
1. Non-toxic, eco friendly soft furnishings from Lee Industries or Cisco Brothers.
2. Non-toxic, zero VOC paint from Mythic or Safecoat.
3. Natural wool area rugs from  Merida Meridian.
I could go on... if you are looking for an eco source for something in particular, just ask!  Send me an email or leave a comment, I'll do my best for ya.


  1. all those wood beamed ceilings! yummy.

  2. The design is unique .the house is made of the wood.i like these house .i hope i have the house in my life .thank you !

  3. this place is ideal!
    love the exposed beams, wood working, and the brightness of the bathroom!

  4. Something unique! I have never ever seen such an astonishing house. It is in actuality exposed to wood work and sunlight. I liked it a lot as I am a great fond of carving.
    Oakleigh painters



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