Tuesday, April 13, 2010

vintages: Coriander Girl

Don't you ever feel like if you met someone, you would instantly be friends?  That there is something about what they are doing that makes you smile?  That's how I felt when I came across Coriander Girl in my latest issue of House & Home, and I felt I just had to write about her amazing shop!  Does it fit into my vintages column?  Kind of... Coriander Girl is actually a florist, but she uses adorable vintage vessels for her arrangements...no generic glass vases here.  She scours flea and antique markets for everything from mason jars, apothecary bottles, to sap buckets.  How adorable!  Shabby chic with a touch of industrialism, very classy and very eco!  What's more, Alison Westlake, the curator and floral designer, sources flowers from responsible local providers, and not carted from halfway around the world by jet plane.  So, why does Coriander Girl appeal to me so much?  Because I love flowers, but I don't buy them because they hurt my eco heart.  I pluck them from my garden and decorate with branches instead.  If I weren't an eco shop owner, being an organic florist would definitely be my second choice.  And everything about Alison's shop, the vintage, the industrial, the chic, the eco, is wonderful.  Great job Alice!  And congratulations on being featured in House & Home!
p.s. I read that Alison makes a mini-bouquet called 'In a Pinch Posies' for $5, with lovely little messages attached, but her website didn't feature them. 

{alison & her dad}

{vintage delights}

{where the magic happens!}

{puppies!  love the vest!}

{and the flowers...feast your eyes!}

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  1. Local growers, vintage finds!

    What a great concept - thanks for introducing us to her!

    Urban Girl (Kif)

  2. Are you lucky enough to live in Toronto? If so, please do go pay a visit! I live just outside the city, and my next trip I certainly plan to go, just to say hello and meet Alison!



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