Thursday, April 1, 2010

Vintage Classics: The Wishbone Chair

When I first began my adventures with Pure Green, vintages were a big part of what I did...and love.  Somehow, however, I sorta stopped writing about it.  I have no idea why...perhaps I let myself be influence by what others are doing.  At any rate, I've noticed that a good deal of the hits I get relate to those vintage posts, and they seem to be most popular.  So I've taken a cue from you, my lovely readers, and am officially declaring a resurgence of Vintages here on Pure Green.  Last week I featured Modern 50, a fabulous curator of all things old and ecclectic - with amazing styling no less, and this week I'm bringing back my Vintage Classics column.  Sustainability is as much about utilizing what we have as anything, and I personally think the hunt for a coveted design classic is fun and worth the challenge and patience required.  I also think its neat to show how the same peice can be interpreted in so many ways, reflecting the personality of its user.  You can check out my earlier posts on the matter, featuring items like the Tolix stool, Bertoia Wire Chair and the Saarinen Tulip Table.  Today I've chosen Carl Hansen's Wishbone Chair, a surefire Scandi classic, both modern and rustic.  The chair was first produced in 1949 - the chair has certainly not lost momentum as it has been in production ever since.  The company's sustainability policy is as such that I would support buying new, but a new chair is pricey (approx. $750) and buying new is not the purpose of this column.  Scour garage sales, flea markets, antique dealers and fairs, you never know what you'll find.  Or, if you're the impatient type, a click of a mouse may just find you one.  Enjoy this lovely day!

{white, for a pared down, crisp look}

{or natural for organic & earthy, my favourite}

{if you only find one, it look fantastic flying alone in a hall or entranceway}

{you can go modern...}


{...or eclectic.}

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