Wednesday, April 7, 2010

{eco} design: Samantha Pynn

Hello friends!  I felt like giving you a little extra something today, something to juxtapose the modern feel of Hufft. I came across this lovely room that I thought I would share - it's very spring like, with a robin's egg blue, pale celery green and white.  The design comes from Samantha Pynn*.  She has a show on HGTV Canada that featured green design in its first season, but the designs have become a little less green, I'm afraid.  However, I'm still happy to feature this room, as it features two of my favourite Toronto destinations: the table, from Urban Tree Salvage, and the light fixture, from LampCage.  UTS salvages wood cut by the city, and Lampcage uses recycled metal in their designs.  Be sure to check them out! 

{note the mismatch china collection - create an instant collection by painting interestingly shaped plates a common shade, and arrange them somewhat haphazardly}

*Last time I posted about Samatha, everyone thought I was her because our design names are similar, even though I very specifically identified Samantha as the designer; I had to remove the post!  Any similarities in our names are by coincidence ONLY, and have nothing do to with the other.

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