Friday, April 16, 2010

The Green Traveller - The Zetter, London, UK

Although last week's boutique hotel, The Crosby in NYC was pretty tough to follow up, I think The Zetter in London does a pretty good job!  I love, repeat love, the mod, graphic feel of the restored Victorian warehouse, which now houses The Zetter, a 59 room boutique hotel.  Located in the trendy Clerkenwell neighbourhood, the hotel looks out upon the cobblestoned St. John's Square, abuzz with good eats and other a la mode locales.  How is the Zetter sustainable?  Well, perhaps the neatest feature is it's own borehole beneath the hotel, supplying guests with fresh spring water, which is also used to cool the hotel and it's refridgerators.  The hotel also used sustainable and local building/decor supplies whenever possible, and is going to great lengths to reduce energy consumptions, among other things.  Visit their sustainability page to find out more of the details.  I think next week I'll have to feature something from Paris, cuz, I mean, doesn't NYC, London and Paris create the most perfect destination trifecta?  (Thanks to CocoEco Mag for turning me on to The Zetter!)

{the reupholstered vintage armchairs in all the rooms are so great}

{from the resto, a beetroot salt crust}
{notice all the awesome vintage lightfixtures in all the photos?}

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