Friday, February 13, 2009

Pure Green Living - Real People, Real Ideas

Ok - I have this idea - its big, so big I can't contain it within myself, I had to reach out right away! I'm sure many of you have come across a book, t.v. show or magazine article telling you how to live green. 'Experts' are lined up with their best 'tips' on being green, but am I alone in feeling that sometimes, it just doesn't hit home? So, here we are: I was reading my latest favourite book, Apartment Therapy presents Real homes, Real People... and I was really struck by how inspiring it is to read about everyday people. It feels so accessible, and well, real. This, I thought, is the solution to environmental apathy, and I have the means to do it. Here's what I propose: I'm going to start a series on Pure Green called Pure Green Living - Real People, Real Solutions. In this series, I am asking, no wait, depending on readers to help. I'm looking for readers to email me the ways each lives green. What do you do in your life to help the environment? It doesn't have to be massive - just make it yours. If someone else is inspired by your idea, and they do it too, then one person has indeed made a difference. Get creative, folks. Do you make your own shopping bags? Do you have a creative recycling station in your home? Have you decorated your home in eco-style? Any DIY's using recycled material? I will post the answers I get on Pure Green. If there is any overlap, it'll be first come, first serve.

Here's my dream: I want this to get big. REALLY BIG. I have a friend in the book biz. Maybe, when I get enough reader input, we can make it a book, and reach even more people. I'm a firm believer that every person can make a difference in their own way. If so many people have been inspired by Apartment Therapy, why can't we do the same here, with green living?

Sorry for the lengthy post, but this is a great idea, and I need help to make it grow. Send me photos (of you and your green idea), if you can - this makes it more fun and interesting. Include in your email your name, where you're from, your profession, what being green means to you, and your eco idea. I look forward to hearing from many, many of you soon, I hope (just click the 'contact me' link in the sidebar.) Oh, and don't forget to tell absolutely everyone you know about this idea. Bloggers, write about this on your blog - send me a note to tell me you did so and I'll include a link and thank-you on Pure Green.

Thank you,

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  1. Hi Celine!
    Here is my contribution to the green movement: I really think it needs to be easier for people to find the green resources they need. In my case it was finding Green professionals for a home renovation project--I had a hard time finding contractors who did green work. So I decided to create a website that list these green building and home professionals, making it easier for people to find them..all in one spot.
    We list architects, builders, interior designers, also solar panel installers, plumbers, and more! And we don't charge anything for them to be listed. Come check it out:



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