Monday, February 2, 2009

Get this Look Eco-Style: Reclaimed Bedrooms

This week for Eco-Style I chose this bedroom featuring this fab reclaimed wood bed. I've always had a soft spot for beds like this, as to me they're a perfect blend of rustic and modern. The reclaimed wood ensures they're eco. Find out where to get the items you need to create this look at home below.

Note: the owners of this amazing room, Jennifer Hall and Rob Grand, are also the owners of Toronto Grassroots Environmental Products, a green lifestyle retailer. I admire them as they were one of the first to bring an eco-retail store to Canada. In fact, green living stores have been slow to come to Canada. My own retail location, Sustain (set to open this April), will sell green building, reno and decorating products, and will be only the fourth store of its kind in Ontario.

The particular bed shown above is from Toronto based Urban Tree Salvage. The company uses trees taken down by the city, and uses them to create one-off furniture such as these beds.

Get an 100% organic mattress at Green Sleep.

Get Organico bed linens from Crate and Barrel.

Area Linen Shop carries natural wool blankets in several colours.

Get really cool pillows made from vintage/reclaimed material from Canadian company Ouno Design. My favourites are made using vintage neck scarves! They also make bedspreads out of them.

To complete the look, you can make your own glass lamp, using any glass vase and a simple lamp kit. However, please note, when working with electricity, please be very cautious, and enlist the help of an expert if needed. Get directions here.

Another Amazing Bed by John Houshmand:

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  1. i like this last bed but i'm pretty i would end up hurting myself eventually. :P

  2. that was supposed to say pretty sure... :)



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