Monday, February 16, 2009

Eco-Style - Green and White Glamour

I love the regency glamour of this room - its not usually my taste, but this room is so well put together I can't help but love it. I also couldn't help writing an eco-style post on it, even though it was just featured in my greenery style post. The drapes add drama and inject luminous colour; the furniture is very formal, but there are just enough natural elements (such as the seagrass and hide rug, the plant and the deer) to keep it casual. I'm sure I've said it before, but I may as well say it again - I adore green and white. Read on to see which elements of this room could be had in similar eco-fashion.

Cisco Brothers is a company I really admire. They are a furniture design and manufacturing business located in L.A., and have building sustainable furniture since 1996. They have a massive selection available in every style, and are completely customizable. For a chair similar to the one pictured above, try either the Serena or Marcus chair. To up the eco ante, you can order COM (Custom Order Material) with an eco fabric; try one of my favourites, O EcoTextiles.

Okay, those drapes are a bit of a challenge - they are obviously custom, and probably cost a fortune. So, here's what I suggest: make your own. For the bulk of the fabric, get a heavy, upholstery weight solid colour (white or green, in this case). Most fabric stores carry some sustainable options now. Then, for punch, dress it up with a band of the fabric featured above, which is eco-friendly (but a little $pendy at $69/yd.) from Etsy seller Cicada Studio. Need I say I'm in love with this print?

Here's an option for a seagrass rug from Design Materials Inc., although these are usually widely available.

Look at this table I found! I want it!!! Listed at Antiquaire Online, this 1950's French mid-century modern table would fit perfectly. I wonder how much it is.........

I found this authentic Murano Glass lamp from Swank Lighting - it's nearly identical to the one pictured above, but the price tag is, shall we say, out of reach (!). You're better off either a) painting a vintage wood one, which pop up frequently, or b) keeping your eyes peeled at yard sales.
Okay - that's it for this week's eco-style post. I could go on, and on, but these posts are a lot of work, so, I've got to cut myself off. Hope you enjoyed it.
NOTE - I've always liked the look of natural hide rugs - they add an element of the organic to any interior. However, I've always had a unease about them, which was confirmed today. While doing research for this post, I learned some pretty awful things about the hide industry (they have to protect the skin, so it gets pretty grotesque). I'll spare you the details, but I must say, I don't like them anymore. If its the look you're after, there are tons of reproductions out there. Consider it. Please.

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  1. Hello Celine - really enjoying your blog - so glad I stopped by. Thanks for visiting Cafe Cartolina this morning. I will add you to my blog roll

  2. It's a day for first timers! I too, am glad I stopped by Cafe Cartolina today, I loved it! I'm glad you like PG. I was planning to add Cartolina to my blogroll as well; will do so tomorrow!

  3. Hi Celine,
    I like your suggestion about sewing your own drapes to create your own unique look. It's something that I've always done, fact I used to sew almost everything,.... but it's one thing that still actually pays off. The price of buying custom drapes is nuts!
    Love the green and white. So refreshing!



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