Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Designing Green - Cisco Pinedo

If you like the couch featured in my earlier eco-style post this week, you'll enjoy learning that Cisco Pinedo (the man behind the sofa) is a made made from modest roots. Born in a rural village in Jalisco, Mexico, raised in urban South Los Angeles and now leader of a multimillion-dollar ecological home furnishings company, one of the few major furniture manufacturers that hasn’t fled Southern California in search of less expensive factories and labor overseas. He makes furniture with reclaimed or responsibly harvested wood, organic fabrics, water-based glues and natural finishes. I was inspired to read more about him, and found these photos of his home (eco-style, of course) in Sunset magazine.

Simplicity is key - the room is sparsely furnished and decorated with items found while travelling or trolling flea markets.

This end table made of petrified wood is one of his most treasured objects.

The light fixture above the table is made from an old wine flask.

The kitchen features cabinets made of raw, reclaimed wood.

The shower tiles are also made of petrified wood.

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