Monday, February 9, 2009

Eco-Style - Mapping Your Decor

I didn't have time to write a full eco-style post today - too much to do with eveything happening at once! Anyway, I was looking up using old maps in your home decor, and found some fabulous photos. I've been looking for one to put in my office for some time - they have such an old-world feel that I really enjoy. These photos also have a more traditional feel to them, to give a little relief from the modern/retro theme on Pure Green lately. As always, repurposing something old into your home is always an eco choice.

I love the old school-room look of a roll-down map like this one.
(photo: Kelly McGuill)

Or, use roll-down maps as blinds - great in a cottage!

Keeping maps all in the same colour tone avoids an overly busy look.

(Last 3 photos courtesy of: Nibs )

Add privacy to an office or guest room.

The cool blue tones of this map make it well suited to a seaside home or cottage.

(Photo courtesy of: All Things Blue)

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  1. love this!

    I have an old map of florence that is just waiting for the right piece of furniture!:) xo

  2. Loving the map roller blinds - how fab!

  3. I loooove this sooo much! :)



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