Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Eco-DIY: Trash to Treasure

For this weeks DIY, I thought I'd feature a few found items that simply needed a good eye and some creativity to restore. I found these really neat pictures of 'dumpster dives' gone fabulous from Canadian Wish magazine. The article asked staff members to document their favourite pre-loved peice, and what they had done with it. The results are incredible, and an inspiration for all of us that love to repurpose. (I LOVE the lamp!)

Vintage Krug Chair Before:


Vintage Lamp Before:


Knock-off Tulip Table Before:


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  1. Hey, neat! I have that same lamp, also missing a lampshade, but mine is the tangerine orange version. I was looking for a cylindrical shade but that tapered one looks great. Thanks!

  2. Wow - you do? Very jealous. Glad to have helped!

  3. Question - I just found an Krug chair exactly like this one at a vintage store. How much do you suggest I pay for it? Thanks for your help.

  4. Hi Cate - okay, here you have to consider a few things...
    1. what kind of shape is the chair in?
    2. are you going to use it the way it is, or are you going to re-upsholster it? If it needs considerable work, consider how much and what your time is worth to you. Make sure you consider how much fabric will cost, if it needs re-covering. I've had many a DIY project end up costing too much in the end because refurbishing can be pricey.
    I picked up a Krug chair once for $25, but I've seen them for much more. Vintage buys are hard to put a price on, because there are so many variables.
    3. if the chair is in ready-to-use condition, again, decide what its worth to you. I personally probably wouldn't spend more than $200, but its totally up to you! My advice? If its too expensive, keep looking.



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