Thursday, February 5, 2009

Keep Calm Gallery

There's something about graphic art that I'm into right now. I think this is because its unconventional and makes you pause, especially if its among a vignette of other more traditional wall hangings, such as photos or paintings. I especially like these gems from the Keep Calm Gallery in Britain, established in January 2007 by Lucas Lepola and Hayley Thwaites. "We founded the online gallery as a result of our passion for typography in poster design, British heritage and the medium of screen printing." I think what I love about these particular designs so much is that they represent to me a blend of vintage (in character) and modern (in design). And what's even better: they're hand silk-screened and printed on recycled paper! Enjoy!

This one is the most famous, and somewhat overdone...but I still like it. It's said that it was originally a war poster from London, advising Londoners not to panic during attacks - imagine!

My favourite! I have a variation of it in my kitchen.

From a British advert slogan.

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  1. I love these ... great picks! The "get lost " one is fantastic!

    I too am loving all things graphic right now ... letters , numbers ..... :) xoxo

  2. I'm really enjoying these posters - I love the retro feel of them! Hopefully I will have some in my store!



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