Monday, June 1, 2009

Maya's Momma's Fab Barn Conversion

I've mentioned before how much I love barn conversions...this one, from Maya Made*, creator of the much celebrated coffee buckets, epitomizes the concept. The story is darling too:

"I'd like to welcome you into my mother's barn and share some of its history and what makes it so special. My mother has never owned a home... until now. Two years ago, she bought this little barn (just over 1000 sq. feet) built in 1888 a couple miles away from me. It had been originally inhabited by farm animals on the main floor, and hay in the loft upstairs. There was no running water, heat, or electricity and it stood on 4 cement blocks instead of a solid foundation... birds swooped in and out of the broken windows...raccoons/squirrels/mice had been nesting in the walls for decades. The floor where the animals had stood in their feeding stall was completely rotted out, the hole, covered by an old door. Despite its age, everyone from structural inspectors to contracters, marveled at how solid and well-crafted it was. We were all excited by its potential. My mother, being the brave, daring pioneer that she is, knew this was home. Her vision was to convert the barn into a live/work art studio and make it as GREEN as her budget would allow... recycle, repurpose, reinvent was our guiding motto."

If you think you are good repurposing pre-loved items, check this out. I have to give major props to Maya and her mother for seeing the potential in this gem of a home and for so lovingly recycling so many things - it takes a lot of dedication and vision to pull something like this off! Its a real inspiration - to get this look for yourself, keep raiding those fleamarkets, and be patient. Great collections are carefully curated over time, not overnight! For those of you who haven't seen this before, enjoy - thank you Maya for sharing!

love the vintage chair collection!

repurpose, recycle - check out this fab, homemade coffee table!

love this little vignette!

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  1. I love the piece. It's hard to think vintage pieces can be used so well.


  2. 'Repurposing' is such a powerful, encompassing term. I love the blend of old and new and features like the corrugated iron used internally.



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