Saturday, June 27, 2009

Paul Massey

Photographer Paul Massey's home is a study in simplicity. People think white is stark and cold, but often, its calming and settling, creating a perfect backdrop for other colours to pop. Paul's home is perfect for Pure Green, as Paul proffers that to buy everything in one go for your home is a mistake. You need to take time with it, scour flea markets and browse second hand shops for pieces that speak to you, and portray a sense of belonging. I agree.

keep it simple: Paul's ability to pare down is what makes his home so serene

good idea: find old crates with character and use them as side tables

get is used: the consistent use of repurposed light fixtures gives a uniform, balanced feel to the home

i love, love, love the old fishmonger's table against all the white!

even an old rubbish bin looks good!

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Speaking of Giveaways...Canadian Giveaway!

This is the week for giveaways on PGD! Not to draw lines in the sand, but I did promise my Canadian readers that I would have something for you soon! I gave away 10 copies of Ecoholic in my store this week to celebrate, and I saved one for you!

For those of you who haven't been exposed to Ecoholic yet, it's a National Bestseller written by Adria Vasil, who writes an Ecoholic column in NOW Magazine, one of the premier pop-culture/news mags in Toronto. After incredible success writing the column, she compiled it all into an 'eco bible', a readable, exciting and very accessible guide to living sustainable in Canada. It will change your life! I practically wolfed it down in one sitting, and my copy is dogeared, underlined and highlighted on every single page. In fact, it was key in helping me open my store, Sustain. I really don't think I could have done it without it. So, here is your chance to get in on my little secret - please enter to win your copy of Ecoholic. Just leave a comment to enter that includes your name and email. Don't stop at just you - get all your friends and your family in on it too! Pure Green can handle it! This giveaway is open to Canadian readers - you have one week to enter. Good luck to all, I'll announce the winner next Friday!

psst! Ecoholic talks about Pink Solution and Safecoat, both available at the Sustain!

author adria vasil

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Winner of the All Modern Giveaway!

Thank you to all who participated - the winner of the All Modern giveaway was Nicolette Teek, who chose the recycled vase by Artecnica. Hopefully this is the first of many more on PGD!

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sustain Grand Opening

At long last I'm finally putting some photos of the store up on PGD - this store is my heart and soul, so I wanted to make sure it was looking good before I introduced it to the world. We've been open for a month, but this weekend we hosted our Grand Opening, which was a wonderful success. We were visited by many beautiful people, all who are interested in preserving this wonderful world we live in. So, without further ado, I present to you, Sustain.

this is what the store looked like before - you can see my brother and sister helping me paint!

our sales desk - it's made with bamboo panelling and has a paperstone top.
the lights I commissioned for the store using recycled steel

a table made with reclaimed wood and laden with delicious goods prepared by my sister, Mali

this is one of Jonathan's tables - my fabulous partner soon to be hubby

our inspiration boards - reclaimed, of course

our paint station - made with a reclaimed work bench, selling safecoat paint

kirei and wheatboard

pink solution - the most amazing eco cleaner ever, works on anything and everything, totally non-toxic!

our sales desk, with all our lovely gifts
we gave away copies of ecoholic in a draw, the book that helped us start it all!

this is Rusty, my dog, sleeping on his Molly Mutt dog bed, oblivious to it all

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Last Chance for the Giveaway!

Last chance guys! If you haven't already entered your name for the giveaway from All Modern, make sure you do before midnight today! Winner will be announced tomorrow!

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Give Away from All Modern!

I'm super happy to be offering my first giveaway on Pure Green Design, thanks to the generous folks at All Modern, an online purveyor of delectable modern goods - they've expanded their product line to include an enviro line for the design savy with an earth conscience, including brands like Inhabit, Artechnica, Herman Miller and more.

Not only do you get a great gift to uplift your home, you get to choose what it is! {see below} To take part in the giveaway, please leave a comment indicating which item you like best, and include your email so I can let you know you've won! The winner will be chosen via The giveaway closes 1 week from today (June 16th), giving you all lots of time to get in on it. Good luck and enjoy!

p.s. - I really hate to do this, but the giveaway is open only to US residents. Being a Canadian gal, I don't like shorting my Canadian readers...but don't fret, I may have something for you folks soon...keep posted!
{ item 1: onion pod pillow by paper cloud }

{item 2: daisy pillow by paper cloud }

{ item 3: ailanthus wall flat by inhabit }

{ item 4: ailanthus pillow by inhabit }

{ item 5: recycled wine bottle vase by artecnica }

Don't miss out on this awesome giveaway! Leave your name now, but please don't submit your name more than once...

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Monday, June 8, 2009

Le Camping Chic!

Eco travel is getting more and more attention these days - but go beyond using your towel and your sheets for more than a day (before laundering) and go camping, in major style. Get lost in bohemia while living 'en plein air' at Camping Les Ormes, located in France just south of historical Dordogne. Sleeping in a tent here sure isn't roughing it, although don't expect electricity - every detail is considered. Its so beautiful! I love the painted benches and tables throughout the place, not to mentioned the cushions in every colour. My favourite, though, has to be the cafe and eatery. The old wood beam ceiling...the eclecticism...the relaxed feel....reservation please? I think I'd better save my pennies's not exactly cheap!


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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Herb'n Style

Its gardening season again! Yay! Puttering in my garden and beautifying my patio is one of my favourite activites. I hope I don't lose out too much this summer - starting a new store is kinda hogging all my time... But, I've got a new idea regarding planters for you. The nursery/garden industry is notoriously bad for using pesticides, chemicals and abusing water tables...why not mix it up and scrap the petunias this year? Plant herbs instead! They don't require all the extra nasty fertilizer to keep them flowering, just sprinkle a little compost once in a while! If you're worried about colour, there are so many varieties now, you can really acheive a lot - you could choose lemon thyme, which has yellow and green leaves, purple thai basil, lemon sage, which is bright yellow, and so many more! Chives even flower! (Hardy ones will even winter over in your pots, cutting down on next years work.) Enjoy the beauty of it, and enjoy all the yummy tomato salads and marinaras this summer too!

i love these...ever wanted the look of old world terracotta, only to be faced with bright, orangey new ones? spread a mixture of moss spores (from your garden center) and plain yogourt or buttermilk onto your pots and place in the shade. keep spritzing with water, and 10 days later, voila!

urban style {in reclaimed pots!}

this is a really cute idea - write a recipe that uses a particular herb on a card and attach it to a pretty potted version - use as gifts or favours!

if you already have an herb garden planted, keep the ones that are bad for spreading and taking over, like mint, in pots to keep it more manageable.

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