Saturday, May 29, 2010

I mentioned earlier that my husband Jonathan installed a clothesline for me!  Hooray...Yippeee!  I guess it doesn't take much to please an eco wife does it?  Until a giant pine fell victim to a storm we had nowhere to put it one, but no more...I got a pretty big kick outta the fact that the first time I used the line it rained on my clothes!!!  At any rate, I realized I was going to need some kind of holder for my pins, as digging them out of my hydrangea was going to get old pretty fast, which inspired this fun little diy project.  While I get great joy from being creative, I've come to know a little something about myself:  I'm not one to follow a pattern.  Dunno why, it just gets old.  However, my sewing skills are still pretty raw, so my projects don't often turn out the way I see them in my head!  Darn!  So, I was pleased as punch when this project turned out dandy!  If you think you'd like to make one, just follow these uber simple instructions:

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

{eco} design: Vintage Cottage

Speaking of summer, I found these images of a summer home and thought they were lovely.  A true labour of love, the owner has collected vintage finds over time...carefully curated to look as though they've always been there.  The home has been carefully restored, mainting the original architectural details, rather than knocked down in favour of something more modern and impossibly big, like I so often see.  Have I mentioned that I really love white and wood?





all images from Skona Hem

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Gee, it's really starting to feel like summer. The weather is a funny thing...May's not yet gone and I've been in the beautifully balmy lake 3 times already, and the mercury's cresting 30 degrees... I've been feeling so summery this week I've gathered a little summer beauty for you.  My darling husband installed a clothesline for me yesterday...there isn't much that feels more summery than laundry snapping in the wind.

Image right: Enamorphoto; left: Roadside Photograph

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The weather has been soooo lovely here!  I cannot believe we are still May, I went swimming yesterday for goodness sake!  I discovered that one of my favourite eco friendly furniture creators, Cisco Brothers, has a new line of eco-gorgeous outdoor furniture!  As a little celebration I thought I'd create a special eco style post for you!  I've gathered a few of my favourite eco finds for the great outdoors to create a little inspired living in appreciation of this crazy good weather!  Enjoy!

1 & 2: Cisco Brothers, in collaboration with HOM
3. Solar Radio by Kikkerland
4. Modular Garden Planter by Woolly Pocket
5. Ceramic Bird Feeder, by Perch
6. Rain Chain (direct rain in this beautiful traditional Japanese fashion...get one similar from Raven Metal)

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

{eco} design: Simon Carver

Last week I told you that, since green designers can be hard to find, that I was going to start posting spaces that I like and give little suggestions and sources to make it a little greener.  Welcome to take two!  This week I'm featuring Simon Carver, a interior stylist from Melbourne, Australia.  I think I must be attracted to electicism lately - I'm craving spaces with personality I guess.  In my own home its always a struggle to balance personal peices with design, especially when you hate clutter, however, there's nothing worse than a home that doesn't look lived in.  Perhaps this is why this apartment decorated by Simon caught my eye.  I appreciate the industrial, rough luxe elements, the mix of styles and furniture and the personal feel - yet the space still feels modern.  Like the look?  Here's a few sources you can try in order to get this look with a good dose of green.

You'll pay a pretty penny, but get a driftwood version of this amazing pendant light from Bleu Nature.  Find vintage Tolix tabouret at Antiquaire Online.  Check out Icestone for a similar worktop, and finally, get beautiful, eco floors from Eco Timber

 Do you live in Canada?  If so, get a modern, clean sofa with some serious eco-cred from Montauk (one day, I will have one!!!).  Live in the states? Try Martha's Vineyard Furniture Co.  My favourite way to get the vintage-mod look of the chair and coffee table shown here:  check out second hand stores by granny's cast-offs, then have them recovered in a fabulous fabric of your choice!  Some of my favourite online sources are Daisy Janie and Mod Green Pod.

Hmmm, bedding is a hard one, but, a little birdie just told me that the super fantastic Amy Butler just came out with organic sheets and towels!  Seriously!  Get them here for a graphic look like this!  Find an uber cool eco-friendly radio made of wood, and designed by Singgh Kartano, and buy it here.  In the market for a mattress?  Try a biodegradable, totally organic natural latex mattress.  Super comfortable minus all the yucky chems that offgas while you sleep. 
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

{eco} style: PaperPlatypus

I couldn't resist posting this today.  I think these paper butterflies from PaperPlatypus are fantastic, and I'm itching to use them.  I have a few ideas...imagine a few dozen on the wall, very sporatically arranged...she'll make custom colours for you too. 
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Monday, May 17, 2010

{eco} style: LuPrints

Perfect summer style...LuPrints is created in B.C. Canada.  Creator Ulla Clark creates each peice by hand, using eco-friendly inks on a linen/cotten blend.  Her scandi-chic designs add a graphic touch to any space, and can be country cute or modern and graphic. 

{napkins for four}

{the aprons are definitely my favourite...don't miss LuPrints other great designs!}
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Friday, May 14, 2010

The Green Traveller - Skovshoved Hotel, Denmark

Would you like to stay in a scandi chic, sea-side hotel in Denmark, just minutes from the epically design savy Copehnhagen?  Oh, and the buildling is 400+ years old!  How's that for preservation?  I must say, the Green Traveller is quickly becoming one of my favourite columns!  So many places to see!  Enjoy the Skovshoved Hotel.

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The Organic Kitchen - Sweet Paul

I couldn't resist sharing this with you...I found it via Irene from Bloesem, and absolutely loved this independent online mag from Sweet Paul, whom many of you may know via his blog.  While his adorable magazine doesn't necessarily focus on organic eating, the ingredients can easily be switched out to support a greener menu.  In any case, it is definitely worth a read.  Enjoy the styling and colour as well!

I know its been a few weeks, but not to worry, lots of yummy ideas coming from Pure Green soon!
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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Live Green Graphic Art

What do you think of these?  Do let me know!
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