Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Organic Kitchen - Herriott Grace

Welcome to this week's installment of the organic kitchen.  Unfortunately I don't have a delectable recipe for you, although, I know, it's been several weeks.  I've been so busy that my meals have been kind of impromptu, and when Jonathan and I manage to whip up something good lookin' I always seem to be minus the camera!  Sorry.  However, stay tuned, I've got a great lineup over the next little while: greek stew called Steffatto, homegrown, organic mint tea & salt crusted, lemon roast chicken.  Mouth watering yet?  In the mean time, I came across this lovely company via Oh Joy! one of my favourite blogs and I just had to write about them.  Herriott Grace is a small company located in Canada (!!) that manufactures the most adorable kitchen accessories.  They have such a  lovely story: a father and daughter create lovely things by hand, using 100% salvaged wood, that you will keep in your family for years to come.  A useful keepsake that will surely hold a special place in your heart and in your kitchen.  So, stroll over and pay them a visit, I'm sure the Nigella in your family will adore it.  Unfortunately, they are all sold out right now, but be sure to plan ahead and reserve one for a birthday a few months down the road.

{perfect for a little baked something}

{in our kitchen, a mortar and pestle are indispensable.  how else to coax such flavour from your fresh grown herbs?}

{a salt bowl, for finishing}
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

{eco} design: solares

Have I mentioned how much I love discovering new green architects, designers, creators, and just all around eco enthusiasts?  As I mentioned yesterday, I spent last weekend exhibiting at the Green Living Show in Toronto.  Sustain's first trade show was a roaring success...exceeding expectations on all fronts.  So energizing to be in a humongous room full of people passionate about preserving this place we call home!  A friend told me prior to the show that perhaps one of the best opportunities at trade shows is to meet others in your industry - she couldn't have been more right, especially in the green industry in Ontario, where we are spread few and far between (but growing all the time!).  One of those was Solares Design Build Inc. and Christine and Tomislav, the two behind the green architectural firm based in Ontario.  The show was a flurry of activity, so there wasn't much time to chat, but I did take the time to check out their website...and found this!  Enjoy!
"The reinforced concrete structure was built using Durisol blocks. The floors are concrete and act as a thermal mass, absorbing and releasing heat to regulate temperature swings. The house stays cool in the summer eliminating the need for air-conditioning. Three inches of polyurethane foam sprayed on the outside of the structure insulates and acts as a total air barrier."

"The windows and doors are low-e, triple-glazed units with insulated fiberglass frames. The walls and roof are clad with galvalume steel that reflects unwanted solar heat gain and provides a durable, low-maintenance shell. A ground source heat pump is used to drive the in-floor heating system. Domestic hot water needs are supplemented by roof-mounted solar panels."

{i love the horizontal wood everywhere.  creates great interest, and a raw organic feel.}

{i also love the contrast in the kitchen between all the hard surfaces and the warm wood cabinets.  modern and rustic...such a great blend and definitely my modus operandi.}

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

William Dohman's Reclaimed Bots

Hello everyone!  I'm back!  After a whirl-wind weekend exhibiting at the Green Living Show in Toronto, I'm thoroughly exhausted but also incredibly energized from meeting and talking to so many great new people!  I even came across some great new finds to share with you, my favourite being Jelena from Poppyseed... stay tuned for more!  I found these adorable bots last week on EtsyWilliam Dohman creates these little guys, which measure approximate 7x3", from reclaimed wood.  Their simple design will funk up your bookshelf, no doubt!  The little pair above was created custom for a cute is that?

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Organic Kitchen

I'm off to the Green Living Show in Toronto; Sustain is exhibiting!  In the meantime, enjoy Cafe Velo, designed by my favourite eco designer, Jessica Helgerson.  The cafe makes all deliveries by bike!  Visit their website to view their delectable menu!

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Happy Earth Day & Kim wins the Organic Kitchen Prize!

I hope you are all taking the time to smell the roses today, and appreciating this lovely planet we call home.  There sure are some garbage cleanups going on in my hometown, and if you can, take some time and help out!  Don't let it stop with today, though.  In my line of work, every day should be Earth day!

Also, I'd like to announce that Kim (comment #5)  is the winner of the Organic Kitchen Giveaway, chosen at random by  She will receive a copy of Don't Throw It, Grow It!  If the prize is not claimed in five days, another winner will be chosen.  Thank you to everyone for participating, and thanks for reading Pure Green. 

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Vintages: Modern Love

 I'd like to introduce you to Modern Love - a classy dealer of authentic, designer mid century mod pieces.  I came across him when he left a comment on PGD, and am so glad I did.  Pay him a visit, even if just for the eye candy - his peices are beautifully styled and exquisitely photographed.  And, to sweeten the deal even a little more, Modern Love donates part of their proceeds to cancer research and care.  Rock on.

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Monday, April 19, 2010

{eco} style: Ana Korte

Meet Ana Korte.  She makes stunning, beautiful, unique, right up my alley jewelery out of reclaimed vintage peices.  Need I say more?

{I covet this one!}

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Friday, April 16, 2010

The Green Traveller - The Zetter, London, UK

Although last week's boutique hotel, The Crosby in NYC was pretty tough to follow up, I think The Zetter in London does a pretty good job!  I love, repeat love, the mod, graphic feel of the restored Victorian warehouse, which now houses The Zetter, a 59 room boutique hotel.  Located in the trendy Clerkenwell neighbourhood, the hotel looks out upon the cobblestoned St. John's Square, abuzz with good eats and other a la mode locales.  How is the Zetter sustainable?  Well, perhaps the neatest feature is it's own borehole beneath the hotel, supplying guests with fresh spring water, which is also used to cool the hotel and it's refridgerators.  The hotel also used sustainable and local building/decor supplies whenever possible, and is going to great lengths to reduce energy consumptions, among other things.  Visit their sustainability page to find out more of the details.  I think next week I'll have to feature something from Paris, cuz, I mean, doesn't NYC, London and Paris create the most perfect destination trifecta?  (Thanks to CocoEco Mag for turning me on to The Zetter!)

{the reupholstered vintage armchairs in all the rooms are so great}

{from the resto, a beetroot salt crust}
{notice all the awesome vintage lightfixtures in all the photos?}


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