Wednesday, April 28, 2010

{eco} design: solares

Have I mentioned how much I love discovering new green architects, designers, creators, and just all around eco enthusiasts?  As I mentioned yesterday, I spent last weekend exhibiting at the Green Living Show in Toronto.  Sustain's first trade show was a roaring success...exceeding expectations on all fronts.  So energizing to be in a humongous room full of people passionate about preserving this place we call home!  A friend told me prior to the show that perhaps one of the best opportunities at trade shows is to meet others in your industry - she couldn't have been more right, especially in the green industry in Ontario, where we are spread few and far between (but growing all the time!).  One of those was Solares Design Build Inc. and Christine and Tomislav, the two behind the green architectural firm based in Ontario.  The show was a flurry of activity, so there wasn't much time to chat, but I did take the time to check out their website...and found this!  Enjoy!
"The reinforced concrete structure was built using Durisol blocks. The floors are concrete and act as a thermal mass, absorbing and releasing heat to regulate temperature swings. The house stays cool in the summer eliminating the need for air-conditioning. Three inches of polyurethane foam sprayed on the outside of the structure insulates and acts as a total air barrier."

"The windows and doors are low-e, triple-glazed units with insulated fiberglass frames. The walls and roof are clad with galvalume steel that reflects unwanted solar heat gain and provides a durable, low-maintenance shell. A ground source heat pump is used to drive the in-floor heating system. Domestic hot water needs are supplemented by roof-mounted solar panels."

{i love the horizontal wood everywhere.  creates great interest, and a raw organic feel.}

{i also love the contrast in the kitchen between all the hard surfaces and the warm wood cabinets.  modern and rustic...such a great blend and definitely my modus operandi.}

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