Wednesday, May 12, 2010

{eco} design: Vanessa Bruno

{search online for mid century classics such as these...lushpad is a great source.  For distressed floors like this try reclaimed oak or pine, finished with a non-toxic product such as AFM Safecoat PolyUreseal}

I came across these images via a photographer that I found on Emma's Design Blog...thanks Emma!  I loved the lived in feel of this apartment and thought you might too...but what I wanted to point out is how personal the space feels.  The photos featured are Vanessa Bruno's (a celebrated fashion designer) Parisian flat - and this week I'm trying something different.  There are so many inspring and absolutely drop dead gorgeous spaces out there that I'd love to share, and I do sometimes struggle to find spaces that have green cred - it is worth mentioning, however, that I have found many amazing green designers, and will continue to showcase them for you.  In the meantime, from time to time I'm going to take spaces that I find inspiring, and make some green suggestions to help you acheive a similar look with eco, non-toxic benefits. Let me know what you think!

{get inexpensive, recyclable chinese lanterns for a similar look above the table.  for a great looking, long lasting cabinet paint, try milk paint from Homestead House}

{my favourite source for natural fibre/wool rugs is Merida - they use natural backings so there is no nasty offgassing into your space}
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