Monday, June 8, 2009

Le Camping Chic!

Eco travel is getting more and more attention these days - but go beyond using your towel and your sheets for more than a day (before laundering) and go camping, in major style. Get lost in bohemia while living 'en plein air' at Camping Les Ormes, located in France just south of historical Dordogne. Sleeping in a tent here sure isn't roughing it, although don't expect electricity - every detail is considered. Its so beautiful! I love the painted benches and tables throughout the place, not to mentioned the cushions in every colour. My favourite, though, has to be the cafe and eatery. The old wood beam ceiling...the eclecticism...the relaxed feel....reservation please? I think I'd better save my pennies's not exactly cheap!


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  1. double {sigh} ... i have a momentous birthday arriving soon and couldn't really think how i would like to spend it ... until now. spending a few days at 'camp' would be divine ...

    imagine a wee mid day nap with the breeze gently blowing the curtains ...

    oh wow ... thanks for sharing this!


  2. I know... I have a honeymoon coming up...I wonder!



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