Saturday, June 27, 2009

Paul Massey

Photographer Paul Massey's home is a study in simplicity. People think white is stark and cold, but often, its calming and settling, creating a perfect backdrop for other colours to pop. Paul's home is perfect for Pure Green, as Paul proffers that to buy everything in one go for your home is a mistake. You need to take time with it, scour flea markets and browse second hand shops for pieces that speak to you, and portray a sense of belonging. I agree.

keep it simple: Paul's ability to pare down is what makes his home so serene

good idea: find old crates with character and use them as side tables

get is used: the consistent use of repurposed light fixtures gives a uniform, balanced feel to the home

i love, love, love the old fishmonger's table against all the white!

even an old rubbish bin looks good!

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  1. White doesn't have a color itself, but it is great for featuring other colors. In a white room, you can bring amazing life into a house, and instead of filling the room with a particular color, you can use a bit of various colors to do the job.




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