Saturday, June 6, 2009

Herb'n Style

Its gardening season again! Yay! Puttering in my garden and beautifying my patio is one of my favourite activites. I hope I don't lose out too much this summer - starting a new store is kinda hogging all my time... But, I've got a new idea regarding planters for you. The nursery/garden industry is notoriously bad for using pesticides, chemicals and abusing water tables...why not mix it up and scrap the petunias this year? Plant herbs instead! They don't require all the extra nasty fertilizer to keep them flowering, just sprinkle a little compost once in a while! If you're worried about colour, there are so many varieties now, you can really acheive a lot - you could choose lemon thyme, which has yellow and green leaves, purple thai basil, lemon sage, which is bright yellow, and so many more! Chives even flower! (Hardy ones will even winter over in your pots, cutting down on next years work.) Enjoy the beauty of it, and enjoy all the yummy tomato salads and marinaras this summer too!

i love these...ever wanted the look of old world terracotta, only to be faced with bright, orangey new ones? spread a mixture of moss spores (from your garden center) and plain yogourt or buttermilk onto your pots and place in the shade. keep spritzing with water, and 10 days later, voila!

urban style {in reclaimed pots!}

this is a really cute idea - write a recipe that uses a particular herb on a card and attach it to a pretty potted version - use as gifts or favours!

if you already have an herb garden planted, keep the ones that are bad for spreading and taking over, like mint, in pots to keep it more manageable.

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