Friday, May 22, 2009


Okay, wow. I'm kind of speechless over this one. I try and keep my posts original, so I don't like pulling stuff from other blogs, but I really couldn't help myself right now. While happily reading through some wonderful blogs on lunch, namely Knack, Mint and finally at Luphia Loves, I came across this amazing flat! The pure white is so beautiful, and I love that its so minimal, because it signifies that every object means something to the owner, rather than being just 'stuff'. Feast...

The slightly global, antique style means that you could probably collect many of these pieces over time, or scour flea market to acheive this look, upping the eco-ante!

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  1. i totally agree ... this is so fresh and the white backdrop allows each item to have it's own 'canvas' ... i so crave this look especially in spring ~ baring down time!

    thanks pure green!

  2. This is a flat sold through Alvhem, a Swedish broker in Gothenburg. You might want to check out their website because all of their properties are lovely. They stage the apartments very well.

  3. Thank you for the info! I had found their site but was unsure if it was a design firm or a real estate firm... You can be sure I will post more - I'm smitten.

    Thanks for the comments guys, its nice to see new faces on PGD!

  4. this is perfection...I'm with ya! :)

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