Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sneak Peek! PGM at Corriander Girl

Alison & I {Celine, EIC}
PGM's recent photo shoot with Alison of Coriander Girl was a true delight.  Alison was full of energy and charm.  Little did we know that in a previous life she was an actress, so she was a pleasure to photograph, animated and easy-going.  Honestly, we can't say enough good things about this lovely girl and her charming shop, Coriander Girl, a flower shop in Toronto's Parkdale neighbourhood that focuses on locally sourced, sustainable flowers and vintage goods.  Her style is loose and organic, totally unique.  While we could go on, you'll have to wait until our next issue to get the whole story!  For now, get a peek from the behind the scenes of Pure Green Magazine with Celine, Editor, and Erin, resident photographer - her skill is amazing.  Watching her work and then seeing the finished product is a treat! You will flip when you see the finished product of this shoot. And we can't wait to share!

Sometimes you have to get into a tight spot to get the perfect shot.
Making sure it's just right.
Alison looking lovely!
The perfect vantage point.

Be sure to keep up with our updates leading up to the launch of our new issue, coming May 24.  Still to come this week: Get to Know Michelle, Style Editor, and enter to win in a giveaway contest!


  1. So pretty - I love this shop!

  2. Glad to meet another Coriander fan! Say hello to Alison from us next time you are in, and stay tuned for the real feature, coming on May 24!

  3. Looks like a great flower shop!
    Can't wait to read more....



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