Monday, March 28, 2011

Get to know PURE GREEN - Erin Monett

In today's edition of Get to Know Pure Green, we meet photographer and friend, Erin Monett! If you love Erin's work as much as we all do here at Pure Green Magazine, be sure to read on and find out what inspires her, and why she still wishes she had more pictures!

Hi Erin, please introduce yourself. 
I've been shooting professionally for 11 years. After primarily shooting weddings, I've recently branched out into commercial photography and I love every minute of it! I was born and raised in Brampton Ontario, and my husband Brad (of 5 years) and I moved to Huntsville, Ontario, in April 2006.  It took a while to adapt to a slower-paced lifestyle but now that we've settled in this gorgeous cottage country, we hope to never move! We share a love for business, animals, and God's country. People consider me an activist in many areas including animal rights, environmental, and poverty. I'm just passionate about education, awareness, and ultimately doing what is right. I guess that makes me an activist!?

Why did you get into Photography? What inspires you?
I've always been "artistic" even as a young child. When I took Art and Art History at University of Toronto, I focused on painting, sculpture, etc in hopes of becoming an art teacher. I minored in photography and eventually it completely took over! Almost immediately I naturally knew the ins and outs of creating the perfect black and white photograph in the dark room. I began to shoot weddings for friends while still in university. Here I am, 11 years later, and I never stop learning. What drives me is the realization that I've captured that moment, frozen in time, never to be duplicated, only remembered through my photographs. Memories are powerful and so important in my life.

If you could travel back in time, where would you go?
If I could travel back in time I would go back to my childhood years spent in Florida with my grandfather. I was 9 when he passed away and it's hard to remember him. Every once and a while I see him in my family members, but I would give anything to remember my one on one time with him. See, memories are important to me! I wish I had more pictures....

Best book you've ever read?
Honestly, I'm not a big reader. But the book I most enjoyed was Marley and Me. Better than the movie!

What does living green mean to you?
Living green boils down to respect.  Respect for one's health and quality of life, and respect for all the earth and creation. I believe we've only been given one planet. As far as I'm concerned we have (and continue to) mess it up. It's our moral obligation to take ownership and make that wrong, right again. Everyone can learn to live a little greener! Make educated decisions about what you are feeding your children, pouring down your drain, and financially supporting in your purchases.

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  1. Thank you Pure Green! Looks great!

  2. so nice to meet you! we carry those candles in our shop and they really are lovely.



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