Thursday, March 31, 2011

Get to Know Pure Green - Michelle Carangi

In today's edition of Get to Know Pure Green, the last of the week, we're introducing you to Michelle, PGM's Style Director. Michelle is a true sweetheart, and self-professed design fiend.  You'll love her style... read on to get to know her a little bit better.

Hi Michelle! Please Introduce Yourself
Hi everyone, my name is Michelle from Montreal and I'm the Style Director at Pure Green Magazine and in case you haven't heard, I live for design. I started in the realm of fine arts and illustration, turned to web and graphic design and now also find myself in a very happy place writing and blogging about interior design at Holley & Gill My motto, as they say, is to always follow your passion wherever it leads you and I have been lucky enough to have found that sweet spot in Pure Green Magazine, where I can share this design passion with you.

What has been your proudest moment?
I think my proudest moments have come in many forms. I've conquered my fear of driving by getting my driver's license only last year (!), I've ridden on a plane alone on three separate trips even with my fear of flying and I finally let go of several insecurities when I became a Mum to my two little ones in order to be able to provide them with everything that they deserve. I used call myself a creature of habit, yet over the last few years as I've gotten older, I've found a confidence which has allowed me to push my boundaries more than they ever have been and it is in these instances that I feel at my most proud. 

Coffee or Tea?

In the morning, I am definitely a coffee person. The promise of a new day with a warm coffee in my hands brings me nothing but excitement and happiness. With my British husband and heritage however, tea is just as important in our family. It is a total comfort drink for me.

Best way to spend a weekend?
With my family. Friday nights to us have officially been christened as 'Family Movie Night' and because our two children are both under the age of five, an animated film is always the movie of choice. This might mean watching Madagascar or Toy Story for the hundredth time, but because we lead busy and often frantic lives, my husband and I will simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the view with some popcorn in hand.

What does living green mean to you?

I believe that living green is acknowledging every single choice, big or small, that you make on a daily basis that will undoubtedly improve our environment. Every time I place an item into our recycling bin, choose an organic product or simply turn off the lights, I feel a sense that these conscious decisions I've just made are what my children and this planet will be able to benefit from.

2. Virginia Johnson Luggage Sack: Beklina
3. Key West Platform Heel: Olsen Haus

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  1. Friday night movie nights are the best!

    So great that H & M has an eco line. : )



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