Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Unveiling the new Pure Green Logo!

Hi there! Anile here from Girlfriday, honoured to be the newly minted design director for Pure Green! I’m thrilled to be unveiling the new Pure Green Magazine logo to you on the Pure Green blog today!

When I first met Céline back in January, I had already spent some time getting to know her by email and by perusing the pages of Pure Green’s first four issues; I felt that I had gathered a good sense of her values and priorities, and I was really impressed by her hard work and dedication. Finally meeting her in person was a real delight because on a personal level she is vibrant, enthusiastic, and an absolute sweetheart!

Over the past few months the ideas have been flowing a mile a minute - together with Céline, Michelle Carangi, Bess Callard and Marie-Eve Best, I have been privy to some amazing teamwork. We’re all dedicated to maintaining the integrity of Pure Green while boosting it to the next level. With that in mind, I developed an identity that was deserving of Pure Green.

My branding process involved getting to know Céline and Pure Green Magazine, getting to know the people that love Pure Green, and getting to know what it means to live a Pure Green life. I prepared a set of questions to get to know Pure Green’s history and objectives, and as an added bonus I got to meet Céline in person. I looked at other magazines and publications (both in print and online) and determined what worked and what didn’t. I word-played, sketched, and brainstormed to my heart’s content. Following the necessary weeding-out process, I presented Céline with a total of three choices and we settled on this little charmer – modern, clean with a touch of vintage, confident lettering with a hint of softness, and a textured bookmark to remind readers to come back again and again – Pure Green is, after all, a resource and guide to all things stylish and eco!

This example shows versions of the logo in black and white, but as you’ll see with Pure Green’s Twitter profile, and in the days to come, we will be pushing the logo in various colour and layout directions to really take advantage of its flexibility. We’re currently working on the new look for the magazine and I couldn’t be more excited. We can’t wait to share it with you!!


  1. it's awesome! bold + to the point, with a hint of beauty in the 'ribbon' look of the logo. clean, lovely, stylish. i think it'll be really fun to see how it looks in all it's different forms/colours throughout the magazine. well done!

  2. Loving the new logo and the new blog design - great job Anile!

  3. great and fresh, I love it! and the blog too...!!!



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