Monday, March 14, 2011

Over the Ocean...

This past week I took a little break. A much needed break.  Jonathan and I, along with Erin {you know her as the stellar girl behind the camera in Pure Green Mag} and her husband Brad packed our things and made our way south.  To the Dominican Republic.  Now, normally all-inclusives are not my style, but after a few months of being over-worked and under-slept {but LOVING every minute of it} a beach chair with my name on it for an entire week sounded pretty good.  I had toyed with the idea of a special feature in the next issue of Pure Green Mag, but I decided against it.  Namely because I was hard-pressed to find ANYTHING green about DR. So, I thought I would break it down a little on the Pure Green blog.  Today I'm sharing beach pics.   I'm envisioning the white sand instead of the white SNOW I'm looking at now.  From sunhats to tocques... it's amazing really, when you think about it, to travel and experience such extremes in the matter of a few hours.  The beach {and good company} were the best part of the trip.  We spent long lazy days... it was wonderful.

Jonathan enjoying a good book and some rays.

And me, enjoying an equally good book and blissfully unaware.

This is Erin.  She's awesome.

Me again, basking in every last drop of sunshine on our last day.

A little B&W series that I couldn't resist adding.

All photos were shot by Erin Monett of EverImages using an iPhone.  Follow here on twitter or facebook, or see her work in Pure Green Magazine.

Tomorrow I'll share some pics from some our day trips, along with some tips on travelling green in the Caribbean. 


  1. like your hat! : )

    and that picture of the blue sky with palm trees.

    great virtual escape!

  2. I am so in love with these photos. They're beautiful.



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