Friday, March 18, 2011

Pure Green Living Magazine: An Update

Dearest Reader -
These past few months we've been literally bursting at the seams with excitement - we've been working on a little secret, and the time has finally come to share it with you!  Pure Green Magazine (PGM) is a true passion - a labour of love, and we want nothing more than for it to be as wonderful as possible.  We've grown by leaps and bounds and felt that we needed to reflect that in the pages of PGM.  This past winter, Celine, founder and editor, teamed up with Michelle Carangi, Anile Prakash, Bess Callard and Marie-Eve Best.  You may remember our post about meeting in January.  That discussion, besides making wonderful new friends, was very fruitful indeed! Hours passed and time flew, and before we knew it we'd hatched a little plan.  In short, PGM is about to get a facelift.  Nothing too drastic - we'll still be the Pure Green you know and love.  But, have we got a treat in store for you!  A brand new logo and look - we want to make sure you always recognize the pages of PGM and will be able to look forward to your favourite column, issue after issue.  We're introducing some more new faces and columns and a new website and blog, among other things.  We've been busy bees, but there is still much to do, everything must be perfect, and good things come with time... as such, we'd like to announce that our next issue, our Summer issue, will come out this May, 24, 2011.  I know it's been a little while since your last PGM fix, so fret not, we've kept that in mind too!  Over the next couple of weeks we've got tons of fun stuff planned... you'll get to know Pure Green a little better with interviews and fun stuff with each of our permanent contributors.  We've got giveaways galore to celebrate how excited we are!!  And, not to mention, SNEAK PEEKS!!!

What can you expect in our next issue?  Well, we've had more than a few requests for tips on gardening, and you're going to get them!!  How about flowers?  Do you like them? We certainly do!!!  From great products, fabulous green homes, delectable recipes and more, it'll all be there.  

So stay with us, dear reader, for it's because of you that PGM is so special. We appreciate your patience.  Truly.  It will be worth it.  Trust us!!!

Next Week on the Pure Green blog:
Get to Know Pure Green with Celine & Erin
We'll share our New Logo (hmmm, yes we did let it slip in the feature pic above, but wait, there's more)
Our first Sneak Peek: Flowers with Coriander Girl


  1. I just love what I am seeing! Green with Style! Love it!

  2. Loving the new design and direction!!! Marking May 24th on my calendar - great stuff guys.

  3. Please change your typeface to a darker color or different font...I'm squinting to read the grey.

  4. I already love what you do in PGM so anything more is just a bonus, I'm sure it will be fantastic. Really looking forward to the next issue!

  5. Really can't wait for the new issue. I loved the last one. Even though it's still snowing here in Calgary, I am definitely excited about some gardening tips.



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